I have diary now. Diaries are cool!
Сегодня началась неделя бротцли на тамблере. Тема первого дня — "First". Первое что угодно. Люди несут кучи годного контента и я просто не могу не принести его сюда.
Итак, поехали.

Their first date.
They rarely ever go on dates. They barely have time to breathe with the universe pushing them along. Their first real date wasn’t planned. They had been running around for hours on a case. It was late in the evening and suddenly there was an empty field in front of them, a blanket, and stars in the sky. Maybe this was the universes’s way of finally giving them a moment of peace. Todd sat watching his boyfriend talk excitedly and point out cool stars. This was the moment Todd realized he was in love. (с)

Brotzly week #1: (First) First Dance
Dirk’s an impulsive child and, spoiler alert, they fall. (с)

Their first dance. Todd is a little drunker than Dirk would probably like him to be. (c)



First time got drunk together


Todd had no idea why it took him so long to notice it. But once he had noticed it, he couldn’t stop noticing it.

Dirk Gently never hugged anyone.

First time Todd says he loves Dirk.

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