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Their first date.
They rarely ever go on dates. They barely have time to breathe with the universe pushing them along. Their first real date wasnt planned. They had been running around for hours on a case. It was late in the evening and suddenly there was an empty field in front of them, a blanket, and stars in the sky. Maybe this was the universess way of finally giving them a moment of peace. Todd sat watching his boyfriend talk excitedly and point out cool stars. This was the moment Todd realized he was in love. ()

Brotzly week #1: (First) First Dance
Dirks an impulsive child and, spoiler alert, they fall. ()

Their first dance. Todd is a little drunker than Dirk would probably like him to be. (c)



First time got drunk together


Todd had no idea why it took him so long to notice it. But once he had noticed it, he couldnt stop noticing it.

Which was Weird. Well, sure, okay, some people just werent big into physical contact and that was fair enough- but Dirk? He had no concept of personal space! Since the day they met thered been prodding, patting, grabbing- the guy had hands that moved a mile a minute and he wasnt in the business of keeping them to himself.

So why no hugging?

He watched in bewilderment as Dirk bid Farah and Amanda goodbye for the day with a smile and a few awkward shoulder pats. He kind of figured at least Amanda might get a hug out of him, but no. Nada. He tactfully waited til the girls were gone before he mentioned it.

Hey, Dirk? He said lightly, putting down his phone.

Dirk looked at him, tilting his head in curiosity. Yes, Todd?

Todd flapped his mouth a bit. Now that he thought about it, it seemed kinda pushy and weird to ask. But, well, hed come this far. Uh Y'know, you dont have to be shy. Around us. Dirk looked confused and he was forced to elaborate. I mean you dont have to hold back, or whatever. Im sure Amanda wouldnt punch you if you wanted to give her a hug sometime.

Oh, said Dirk, shifting about awkwardly. Oh. Um, right, yes. Hugs, absolutely. Yes, I am good at Hugs.

Hey, look, if you dont want to thats-

No! Dirks face flushed red with embarrassment at his outburst. I mean- yes, I would like to Hug. Someone. Maybe.

Dirk Todd said slowly, heart sinking. When was the last time anyone hugged you?

Oh, no. No, this was fucking bullshit. Todd stood up from his desk and walked round it. Dirk, he said, a little self-conscious and trying hard not to let it show. D'you wanna He cleared his throat and opened his arms.

Dirk stared at him, wide-eyed. Are you- are you sure you want me to?

Ouch. Todd nodded, taking another step closer. Yeah. Yeah, I mean, thats what friends do, right? Hugs and stuff.

Hugs and stuff, Dirk agreed quietly, still staring at Todd as if he could disappear at any given moment.



These These things usually work best if you do it too.

Oh! Right, yes, let me just

Dirk eyed Todds outstretched arms warily, and stiffly imitated him. When he finally stepped into his embrace he did so with trepidation and not a little awkward arm repositioning as he shuffled about in search of the optimum arrangement. It was one of the weirdest, stiffest hugs Todd had ever been a part of.

And then Dirk finally managed to get his arms comfortably around Todds shoulders, chin propped carefully against the top of his head, and something just sort of Clicked. Despite his uncertainty, Todd found himself melting into the embrace a little, face tucked up against Dirks chest, arms wound tightly round his waist, and it just felt right in some deep-seated way that he couldnt quite define.

Oh, Dirk said softly, arms squeezing Todd a little tighter. This This is nice.

Yeah, Todd agreed, voice a little choked. Yeah, yeah this- this is good.

They both fell quiet, nothing to hear besides their own slow, even breaths as the noise of the street below faded to an indistinct background hum.



Why on earth havent we done this before?

Why are you calling me, Todd? Amandas voice on the other end of the line sounds flat and bored and its easy to believe, for just a moment that on the other end of the line she is wandering around her lonely home, hiding from the world.
But she isnt, he reminds himself. His sister doesnt hide anymore. Shes probably riding in the back of that van filled with the anarchist punk vampires who wrecked his apartment. The general scramble in the background confirms his suspicion. He can hear someone offer to threaten him with death and she says gimme a second, Vogel.
Listen. Im sorry. I know you probably dont want to talk to me right now but
She huffs a laugh but says, say what youre gonna say, Todd.
He swallows hard and instantly regrets making this call. There was a time when he told Amanda everything. But even then, even before he had never talked about
I think Im in love with Dirk, he blurts out. As soon as the words leave his mouth he cringes.
Oh my God.
Listen, sis. I know this might be a surprise
Oh my God, Amanda repeats. Oh my God.
Is it. Really that surprising?
No, Amanda laughs out loud. No. Oh God, no. Thats why ImTodd. Everyone knows.
Theythey do?
Yeah. Everyone. Except maybeYouve told DIRK, havent you?
If its so obvious then why should I have to say anything? Ive been living with him for a month.
Yeah, because Dorian DIED in YOUR apartment.
No, because your friends Todd stops himself just in time to keep from starting an argument. you know what, nevermind. You dont think he knows?
Its Dirk.
Do you think that he
Yes! Stop wasting time talking to me and go talk to him, he can almost hear Amandas rapid-fire eyerolling over the phone.
I. Okay, he takes a deep breath. II will.
Amanda? Thanks.
Yeah. Goodbye loser.
BYE LOSER chorus some voices from Amandas end of the line. She hangs up, leaving Todd holding his phone in bemusement. Taking a deep breath and standing, he shoves his phone into the pocket of his jeans and exits his bedroom.
Dirk is in the living room watching Food Network with rapt attention. He looks up at Todd, expression concerned. These people are seriously misinformed as to the nature of biscuits.
Todd circles around the couch and sits down. Dirk, can we talk?
Dirk eyes him suspiciously. Yes?
Todd reaches for the remote and mutes the television. Dirk turns to him, attentive to what he is about to say. He looks at the shoulder of his yellow jacket rather than his face. I think. This is something Ive needed to tell you for a while.
Dirks eyes widen. Youre a robot!
I am. Not. Im, he takes another deep breath in an attempt to calm his nerves. Dirk. I think. Im. In love with you?
Dirks eyes grow even wider, if its possible. He stares at Todd for a second and then grins. Good.
Good? Dirk, is that all? I just told you
Everything is connected, Todd. Everything. But especially you and me.
Todd takes this as an invitation, and although he hesitates at first he finally reaches slowly for Dirks hand and thinks that maybe just this once the Universe has gotten something right.

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