Неделя Бротцли. День 3: "Headcanons"

I have diary now. Diaries are cool!

One of my hcs for Todd is that he becomes a grumpy depressed (and surprisingly needy) cat, I mean boyfriend, when he’s not feeling well. 😳 Plus I’m so down with the idea of Dirk being an attentive lover. Aw! (c)
Cuddles (c)

Headcanon: Dirk must stop at every single street vendor he sees and get snacks. He always orders for two, even if Todd doesn’t want any, because “well you might get hungry later, Todd!”
Todd just assumes that the extra food he doesn’t eat gets thrown away, until they get captured and locked together in a tiny cell for 24 hours and manage to survive off half a stale hotdog, 3 packets of peanuts, and a hardened lump of melted candyfloss that Dirk was hoarding in his inner jacket pockets. (c)

so this WAS just gonna be a simple relationship headcanons text post but i decided to flesh it out and and word it a bit more fic-ishly anyway. this one’s a bit bittersweet lads. enjoy <3 (c)

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2017-06-15 в 17:33 

Everything is getting nicely out of control
о, я тоже полезла заценивать это все. неделя бротцли - это прекрасно:inlove::heart:


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